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  • Head of School Update - Friday 26th November 2021

    Fri 26 Nov 2021

    Welcome to this week’s Weekly Update!


    It was lovely to welcome you into school this week for our Parents’ Evening event. I really enjoyed talking to so many of you and I know that teachers have appreciated the opportunity to talk to your child about their progress and attitude to learning. I hope you enjoyed looking around the school and your child’s classroom.


    As always, I’ve been extremely proud of all of our pupils this week, for their effort, determination and achievement. In Year 1, pupils have been enjoying their Art lessons. The children have been experimenting with blocks of colour and shade, using a range of different media. The children looked carefully at images from magazines to understand the colours that had been used, and used this as inspiration for their own work. In Year 4, children have been enjoying their Maths lessons and learning about the different types of teeth, in Science. What better way to learn about them than to look at the teeth we have ourselves!


    I’ve shared some pictures at the end of this update. Please take a look. The list of ‘Stars of the Week’ features later on.


    Next week, we will be launching our Oakwood Postal Service in school. From Wednesday 1st December, pupils will be able to bring in festive cards for their friends and classmates. They can be posted in the postbox, situated in school, and our Year 6 Student Ambassadors will be on hand to sort these and return them to the correct classrooms. The last day for our postal service will be Wednesday 15th December.


    We will also be hosting our Christmas Lunch and Festive Jumper Day on Friday 17th December (the last day of term). You will have received a letter day with details of how to book a Christmas Lunch for your child.


    Well done to all of this week’s certificate winners.

    Our ‘Stars of the Week’ are:


    YR Stephenson Class – Ellie K. for Knowledge – For her super engagement in phonics and Maths inputs on the carpet.  


    Y1 Nightingale Class – Gjoleka G. for Equality – For having great respect for others, his manners and always trying his very best.  


    Y2 Brunel Class – Ethan B. for Determination – For brilliant participation in the classroom.  


    Y2 Seacole Class – Dolcie-Mai B. for Achievement – For having a brilliant week and working hard.  


    Y3 Ashe Class – Ava-Grace R. for Achievement – For taking an active role in classroom discussions.


    Y3 Turing Class – Asia P. for Knowledge – For always using her knowledge, and using this knowledge to help her friends.


    Y4 Logie-Baird Class – Blake D. for Achievement – For settling in to Oakwood well, working hard and being a good friend.


    Y4 Thunberg Class – Lillie-May R-G. for Determination – For always trying her best and giving everything a go, particularly her singing rehearsals.


    Y5 Hamilton Class – Chloe H. for Determination and Achievement – For always having a positive attitude and being determined to try her best.


    Y5 Pankhurst Class – Macy B. for Equality – For her beautiful manners, kind words and for always demonstrating ‘Equality’ every day.


    Y6 Amundsen Class – Kyle T. for Determination – For determination to achieve in everything that he does.


    Y6 Parks Class – Nicole W. for Determination – For always being determined and achieving the best she can.  


    Well done to all of this week’s certificate winners!


    This afternoon, you will have received two letters – one from East Sussex County Council and one from Mr. McCarthy, CEO for Aurora Academies Trust. The letters outline the current picture surrounding Covid-19 cases in East Sussex and that this has led to a decision that all Aurora schools will not be holding this year’s festive events with parents and carers. I appreciate that this will be disappointing for parents, however, as a school we will do all that we can to ensure that we are able to bring these festive performances to you, somehow, and we will update you with our plans for how we will do this, next week.


    Please take the time to read both of these letters.


    The weather is certainly changing. Despite some pleasant sunshine across this week, this is very deceptive and the temperature is dropping. Please can I remind all parents to ensure that their child has a suitable coat for these colder conditions.


    And finally, as always, ‘Thank you’ for your continued support of the school. I’m incredibly grateful for this.


    Please check-out this week’s Bulletin with further information, including an update on our Attendance Challenge.


    Have a great weekend!


    Ryan Laker
    Head of School

  • Head of School Update - Friday 19th November 2021

    Fri 19 Nov 2021

    Welcome to this week’s Weekly Update!


    Today, we splashed a sprinkling of ‘Children In Need’ magic, with either something yellow or something spotty. The children have had a great day. We will count up the donations and let you know how much has been raised for search a worthy cause.


    To add, a few weeks ago, the school was painted red in support of St. Wilfrid’s Hospice and I’m pleased to announce that your generous donations helped to raise more than £300 Thank you for your generosity.


    We’ve been raising awareness for ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ this week. The week started with an assembly for all pupils and the children have taken part in a number of activities across the week, including celebrating ‘Odd Sock Day’. Thank you to Mrs Wilkinson who helped put together our new display board in the school. This is situated by the Library in Key Stage 2 and shows how our individual bits of the puzzle fit together to make our school brilliant.


    Hopefully, you will have all received a copy of your child’s school photograph proof from Tempest photography. I have seen a few of the portraits and the quality of the photographs are excellent and I hope you enjoyed seeing your child’s photographs.


    Well done to all of our pupils who have been giving their best with their assessments this week. All of the teachers have been impressed with the effort and focus that the children have shown.


    Next Tuesday and Thursday we will be holding our Parents’ Evening, and I am looking forward to welcoming you to school. Consultations will be held in classrooms this time around, and there will be a chance to look at your child’s books too. The opportunity to meet with your child’s class teacher is an important one, to talk about your child's progress and effort in school. I do hope you have made an appointment on one of the two days. Bookings can still be made through your Parent Portal account.


    Well done to all of this week’s certificate winners. Our ‘Stars of the Week’ are:


    YR Stephenson Class – Freddie C. for Determination – For his fantastic listening and blending in Phonics.  


    Y1 Nightingale Class – Jake H. for Equality – For his wonderful attitude and enthusiasm towards his learning.


    Y2 Brunel Class – Ashton-Jay J. for Determination – For speaking about his Geography learning in a confident manner.


    Y2 Seacole Class – Jasmine P. for Achievement – For achieving some great work this week.


    Y3 Ashe Class – Caleb C. for Determination – For being helpful and trying hard to remain focused in lessons.


    Y3 Turing Class – Olly M. for Achievement – For being confident when sharing ideas and answering questions in class.


    Y4 Logie-Baird Class – Adam M. for Determination – For great improvement in his attitude.


    Y4 Thunberg Class – Elle B. for Equality – For always leading by example regarding behaviour, work, effort and kindness.


    Y5 Hamilton Class – Kobi O. for Determination – For always having a positive attitude and for always trying his best.


    Y5 Pankhurst Class – Jaydon H. for Achievement – For excellent determination and effort all week, particularly in Music.  


    Y6 Amundsen Class – Blake S. for Achievement – For excellent achievement and presentation and excellent effort tin all of his work.


    Y6 Parks Class – Zeeshan A. for Knowledge – For gaining the most merits this week.


    We’ve included all of the dates for this year’s festive events at Oakwood to our Bulletin. Please, get them in your diary! We look forward to seeing you at one (or many) of this year’s Christmas performances.


    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our Year 6 Student Leaders for their help during this week’s Open Evening event. I was very proud of their politeness, courtesy, confidence and maturity and our visitors commented on the fantastic tours they gave of the school. 


    And finally, we said ‘Goodbye’ to Mrs McCarthy today. She is leaving us to be a little closer to her family. I know she is looking forward to her new challenge but will miss the children of Oakwood very much. She leaves us with our very best wishes for the future.


    Have a good weekend!


    Mr Laker
    Head of School

  • Head of School Update - Friday 5th November 2021

    Fri 05 Nov 2021

    Welcome to this week’s Weekly Update!


    Firstly, ‘Welcome Back’ to all of our pupils. I hope everyone had a great half term break. All of the staff are looking forward to the term ahead and were excited to welcome their classes back in to school on Monday.


    This week, our assembly theme has been about ‘Politeness’. Pupils have certainly been taking that message on board this week! I have been incredibly impressed with the children’s manners, kindness and appreciation of others – it has been lovely to see and let’s hope it continues throughout the term. In assembly today, pupils were thanking our Year 6 Student Leaders, who were holding open doors; just one example of politeness.


    In Year 4, Art lessons have been going off with a ‘bang’. The children have been exploring colour and applying paint to make these fantastic firework pictures. Please see the photographs on this week’s photograph slideshow.


    ‘Well done’ to Y3 Turing Class and Y4 Thunberg Class who won the Term 1 Attendance Challenge, with each collecting £20 of resources for their classroom! The challenge starts again in Term 2, with all classes reset to 0 points. We’ll update you with progress in the challenge next week.


    Our first ‘Stars of the Week’ are:


    YR Stephenson Class – Lola D. for Achievement – for super sounding-out with her phonics.

    Y1 Nightingale Class – Elsie-Mai H. for Achievement – for great enthusiasm and always trying her best.

    Y2 Brunel Class – Joshua W. for Determination – for showing great resilience.

    Y2 Seacole Class – Adam A. for Determination – for always trying his best and showing excellent behaviour.
    Y3 Ashe Class – Isabella P for Determination – for persevering and never giving up.

    Y3 Turing Class – Brenin R. for Achievement – for his enthusiasm and dedication to all of his learning.

    Y4 Logie-Baird Class – Bethany V. for Achievement – for reading 250,000 words.

    Y4 Thunberg Class – Dexter P-S. for Achievement – for an excellent start to his new school.

    Y5 Hamilton Class – Leah J. for Determination and Achievement – for working hard on her presentation and handwriting.

    Y5 Pankhurst Class – Ethan C. for Achievement – for his super effort and helpful nature in all aspects of school life.

    Y6 Amundsen Class – Esther B. for Achievement – for setting an excellent expectation of behaviour.

    Y6 Parks Class – Manya D. for Knowledge – for being determined to be the best he can be.

    ‘Well done’ to all of our certificate winners!


    Next week, we’re looking forward to running our scheduled School Photograph sessions in school, for individual pupils and siblings. These will take place throughout the day on Tuesday 9th November. Please can I ask you to ensure that your child has their full school uniform on Tuesday.

    And just to remind all parents and carers that next Friday 12th November is an INSET Day and the school is closed to all pupils. A day off for pupils…but not for staff!


    Have a great weekend!


    Mr Laker
    Head of School

  • Head of School Update - Friday 22nd October 2021

    Fri 22 Oct 2021

    Welcome to the final Head of School Update for Term 1!


    It's been a great week to end what has been a busy first term. The highlight of this week has certainly been our Curriculum Events. All of the pupils have been so excited to welcome you in to school this week and we hope you have enjoyed visiting your child's class.


    Today, we painted the school red to raise awareness and money for St. Wilfirid's Hospice, who are celebrating their 40th Birthday. All of the pupils dressed up in something red - it was a great celebration and we have some photographs at the bottom of the update. Thank you for your generous donations today.


    We held a 'Book Sale' this afternoon to help raise money for new equipment. Lots of children left with some new books for shelves at home. This has been really popular and some parents have asked if we will do this again, so look out for future dates. Thank you to Mrs Towsey, Mrs Trigwell and Mrs Clarke for organising this afternoon's event. 


    Hopefully, you will have received a copy of our Autumn Newsletter, with news and information from across the school this term, as well as our Bulletin.


    Photographs of our 'Stars of the Term' can be found in the Newsletter. Here is a list of our 'Stars of the Week' and 'Stars of the Term' for Term 1:


    Stars of the Week


    Alfie S. in YR Stephenson Class

    Sienna C. in Y1 Nightingale Class

    Ethan B. in Y2 Brunel Class

    Henry D. in Y2 Seacole Class

    Elsie-May S. in Y3 Ashe Class

    Emily P. in Y3 Turing Class

    Emily W. in Y4 Logie-Baird Class

    Lano A. in Y4 Thunberg Class

    Jordan B. in Y5 Hamilton Class

    Charlie B. in Y5 Pankhurst Class

    Riley C. in Y6 Amundsen Class

    Emilia S. in Y6 Parks Class


    Our Stars of the Term are...


    Isabella H. in YR Stephenson Class

    Caleb A. in Y1 Nightingale Class

    Ivy-May T. in Y2 Brunel Class

    Kamali M. in Y2 Seacole Class

    Ava-Grace R. in Y3 Ashe Class

    Annie-Rose E. in Y3 Turing Class

    Kodi L. in Y4 Logie-Baird Class

    Joey F. in Y4 Thunberg Class

    Aliyah J. in Y5 Hamilton Class

    Hunter D. in Y5 Pankhurst Class

    Anny B. in Y6 Amundsen Class

    Nicole W. in Y6 Parks Class


    Well done to all of this week's winners and to all of our winners from across the term, too!


    I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of the pupils, their parents, and school staff a safe and enjoyable half-term break and I look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Monday 1st November 2021.


    With my best wishes,


    Mr Laker

    Head of School

  • Deputy Headteacher Update - Friday 15th October 2021

    Fri 15 Oct 2021

    Welcome to our weekly update!


    It has been a fantastic week of learning across the whole school. Well done to everyone who has shown off their school values of: Knowledge, Equality, Determination and Achievement.


    It was a pleasure today to see some of the fantastic home learning projects that the pupils have been completing over the last few weeks. I really enjoyed seeing the many Egyptian Pharaohs and Gods walking in to school this week with their home made Egyptian masks. There has been amazing learning throughout the school all week, so please take time to look at few of the lovely pictures from across the school below.


    Last week, Mr Laker shared in his update that we held our Student Leader elections. I am proud to announce that due to the very high quality of the children’s presentations, we have elected 25 Student Leaders. Therefore, we have decided to split them in to two groups. The first group will take up their post from now until the end of Term three, followed by the second group of Student Leaders from Term four until the end of the year. Well done Year 6 I am confident you will do yourselves proud.


    Today, we practiced our fire drill procedures and all of the children were fantastic. They sensibly and calmly left the building in a very good time. Great job everyone!


    In this week’s Bulletin, we have shared our poster for our forthcoming Open Morning and Open Evening in November. If you know anyone who has a child starting school in September 2022, we’d be grateful if you could let them know about the dates of our visits to school.


    In our Celebration Assembly we announced our latest certificate winners. This week's 'Stars of the Week' are:


    Year R Stephenson Class - Logan W for Equality - For being super polite and helpful to students and adults and for being so helpful.


    Year 1 Nightingale Class – Rayan H for Knowledge - For giving thoughtful answers to questions in all areas of learning.


    Year 2 Brunel Class - Ivy-May T for Determination - For great resilience in everything she does.


    Year 2 Seacole Class - Matilda S for Achievement - For always being polite, kind and showing excellent behaviour for learning.


    Year 3 Ashe Class - Isla C for Determination - For working hard and persevering when things become more difficult.


    Year 3 Turing Class - Annie-Rose E for Determination - For always being determined to do her best in every activity.


    Year 4 Logie-Baird Class - Ryan H for Equality - For always looking to be a fantastic talk partner when working with other children.


    Year 4 Thunberg Class - Maisie O for Achievement - For creating an outstanding model of a Mayan temple for homework and trying her best all week.


    Year 5 Hamilton Class - Oakley R for Achievement - For being enthusiastic and participating in every lesson.


    Year 5 Pankhurst Class - Tarhyn W for Determination - For his amazing determination to improve in all areas of school life this week.


    Year 6 Amundsen Class - Benny R for Determination - For drive and commitment to achieve his best in every lesson. Determination perfection!


    Year 6 Parks Class - Sabrina S for Determination - For amazing determination to achieve in every lesson.


    ‘Congratulations’ to all of this week’s winners!


    Next week is our final week before the half term break. Next week, each class will be hosting a curriculum event where you will have the opportunity to come into school to see and explore some of the interesting and brilliant learning the children have been doing this term. Please see our Bulletin for more information, including dates and times, for these events.


    We look forward to seeing you next week! Have a great weekend.


    Mr Paramor

    Deputy Headteacher

  • Head of School Update - Friday 8th October 2021

    Fri 08 Oct 2021

    Welcome to this week's Weekly Update!


    We’ve had a fantastic week at Oakwood! Well done to all of the children for their focus, determination and achievements this week.


    This week, our pupils in Year 5 have really been enjoying their ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ learning journey. They have practised their hieroglyphic printing and learned about the ritual of mummification. Some ‘lucky’ pupils were happy to be willing volunteers, as our photographs show.


    Year 3 and 5 pupils have been working together this week. They've been sharing their published writing with each other and learning to present and share to new audiences. 


    Pupils across Key Stage 2 have been ‘actively’ engaging in their Maths, by taking part in the Maths World Cup. The challenge ends today and its purpose has been to engage children in daily times tables games with their classmates and pupils from other schools, whilst keeping fit and exercising to their times table recitals. The pupils have really enjoyed the challenge. This is what they had to say:


    Today, our Year 6 pupils gave their presentations as part of our Student Leader elections. The pupils had to explain why they felt they should be elected as a student leader, demonstrating their skills and qualities. Well done to all of the pupils who presented today and put themselves forward; they presented with courage and confidence, giving fantastic presentations as to why they would make a great school Student Leader. I will update you further next week.


    In this week’s Bulletin, we have shared our poster for our forthcoming Open Morning and Open Evening in November. If you know anyone who has a child starting school in September 2022, we’d be grateful if you could let them know about the dates of our visits to school.


    Unbelievably, the end of Term 1 is quickly approaching. In the last week of term, week beginning Monday 16th October, our Curriculum Events will be taking place in school. This is a chance for parents and carers to visit school and join in with your child’s learning journey. We hope you will be able to join us. Dates for each of the Curriculum Events have been shared on our website. We will send further updates next week. We hope you will be able to join us in the last week of term!


    In our Celebration Assembly we announced our latest certificate winners. This week's 'Stars of the Week' are:


    YR Stephenson Class – Holly B. for Achievement – For brilliant phonics work this week.


    Y1 Nightingale Class – Mila C-B. for Knowledge – For creating a wonderful hospital scene as part of her Florence Nightingale homework project.


    Y2 Brunel Class – Emily B. for Achievement – For communicating great ideas in her writing.


    Y2 Seacole Class – Wynter C. for Determination – For being so determined and unafraid to make mistakes with her learning.


    Y3 Ashe Class – Max P. for Determination – For working independently on his learning.


    Y3 Turing Class – Joshua R. for Determination – For always being determined to do his best with everything he does.


    Y4 Logie-Baird Class – Holly M. for Equality – For being an amazing talk partner in all of her learning.


    Y4 Thunberg Class – Edward P. for Determination – For gaining 20,000 words through his Accelerated Reader book.


    Y5 Hamilton Class – Heidi P. for Knowledge – For fantastic knowledge about mummification.


    Y5 Pankhurst Class – Jacob W. for Determination – For outstanding effort in improving his reading at home. 


    Y6 Amundsen Class – Annaliese T. for Equality – For demonstrating equality in the way that she treats others.


    Y6 Parks Class – Kamdi O. for Determination – For being exceptionally determined to achieve.


    'Congratulations' to all of this week's winners!


    In our Accelerated Reader challenge, Bailey H. in Year 5 has so far read the greatest number of words. So far this year, he has added 282,000 words to his individual profile. We have achieved a total of 3,400,000 words as a school!


    Our updated Bulletin has further details about all of the things taking place in school, including an update on our Attendance Challenge.


    I hope you all have a great weekend.


    Mr Laker
    Head of School

  • Head of School Update - Friday 1st October 2021

    Fri 01 Oct 2021

    Welcome to this week's Weekly Update!


    Thank you to the whole community for your very generous donations, as part of this year’s ‘Harvest Festival’ project. Today, the crates of food and toiletries were collected by Tim, from the Eastbourne Foodbank. Your generosity will help many local families who really need it. Below are some pictures of us helping Tim to load the van, with part of this year’s display.


    Yesterday, some of our pupils in Year 5 joined local primary schools for a Maths Challenge at St. Andrew’s School. Across the afternoon, the children took part in a number of challenges and puzzles, in a competition against the other schools. We’ll update you with the results. Thank you to Mr. Croft and Mrs. Clarke for taking the children.


    Pupils have continued to give their very best effort and focus in class. I’ve been very fortunate to spend time in classes, across the week, and have seen some fantastic presentation and publishing from pupils, and great pride in their work, too. You'll see in the photographs, pupils in Year 4 who, this afternoon, were using charcoals to create these incredibly dramatic Mayan portraits. 


    In our Celebration Assembly we announced our latest certificate winners. This week's 'Stars of the Week' are:


    YR Stephenson Class – Jasmine S. for Achievement – For remembering the word ‘hibernation’ and describing what it means.


    Y1 Nightingale Class – Evie P. for Knowledge – For having a fantastic attitude towards learning new things.


    Y2 Brunel Class – Sebastian W. for Determination – For great determination in phonics.


    Y2 Seacole Class – Kamali M. for Determination – For working really hard and trying his best in Maths.


    Y3 Ashe Class – Arthur B. for Knowledge – For always having something to contribute in lessons and for building upon or challenging the ideas of others.


    Y3 Turing Class – Ayman A. for Knowledge – For always using his knowledge and always wanting to be the best he can be.


    Y4 Logie-Baird Class – Sophie J. for Determination – For attempting to start the day with a positive attitude.


    Y4 Thunberg Class – Lola-Mai C. for Equality – For her manner in class, her politeness around school and her excellent effort.


    Y5 Hamilton Class – Phoebe C. for Achievement – For working hard in Maths and completing super work on Roman Numerals.


    Y5 Pankhurst Class – Amelia D. for Equality – For always being a kind and caring learning partner. 


    Y6 Amundsen Class – Harvey K. for Determination – For excellent determination to contribute to classroom discussions.


    Y6 Parks Class – Chelsea F. for Determination – For constant determination to achieve her best.


    'Congratulations' to all of this week's winners!


    In our Accelerated Reader challenge, Bailey H. in Year 5 has so far read the greatest number of words. So far this year, he has added 248,000 words to his individual profile. Will he be the first Word Millionaire?


    Thank you for joining us for our ‘Meet and Greet’ afternoon on Monday. We hope this was a useful opportunity to see your child’s classroom and meet their teacher.


    Our updated Bulletin has further details about all of the things taking place in school, including an update on our Attendance Challenge.


    I hope you all have a great weekend.


    Mr Laker
    Head of School

  • Head of School Update - Friday 24th September 2021

    Fri 24 Sep 2021

    Welcome to this week's Weekly Update!


    This week, we celebrated the fantastic dedication and commitment that our teaching assistants provide to all of our pupils - it's been National Teaching Assistant Day. We're proud of all of our teaching assistants and acknowledged this in today's assembly where they were all 'Stars of the Week'. 


    Our pupils have been working extremely hard and continue to impress. In this week's photos, we have pupils in Year 1 and 2, who have been working hard on their speed-sounds. Pupils in Year 3 have been enjoying their class novels in Reading, whilst in Year 4, pupils have been learning about the habitats we have in our school grounds. 


    In our Celebration Assembly we announced our latest certifcate winners. This week's 'Stars of the Week' are:


    YR Stephenson - Ophelia S. for Achievement - For fantastic listening and behaviour.


    Y1 Nightingale - Cadie D. for Determination - For her determination reading, writing and maths this week.


    Y2 Brunel - Kirsty M. for Equality - For showing respect to everyone around school.


    Y2 Seacole - Sofia L-R. for Equality - For always being so kind, caring and helpful to others.


    Y3 Ashe - Elsie-May S. for Achievement - For consistently good work across the curriculum.


    Y3 Turing - Joshua R. for Determination - For always being determined to do his best.


    Y4 Logie-Baird - Kaila B. for Determination - For a fantastic attitude towards her learning, including additional learning at home!


    Y4 Thunberg - Ollie H. for Equality - For 100% effort and for treating everyone with courtesy and respect.


    Y5 Hamilton - Sophia J. for Determination - For always working hard and being determined to do her best.


    Y5 Pankhurst - Aiden R-S. for Determination - For his excellent effort in all subjects and his determination to achieve to the best of his ability. 


    Y6 Amundsen - Ashleigh A. for Determination - For showing the determination to achieve her best in every lesson. 


    Y6 Parks - Kamdi O. for Achievement - For fantastic achievement all week.


    'Congratulations' to all of this week's winners!


    We have lots of things to look forward to next week. These include our Harvest Festival Community Project, with the Eastbourne Foodbank; our Phonics Workshop for Parents on Thursday 30th September; and our Meet and Greet afternoon on Monday 27th September. 


    Our updated Bulletin has further details about all of the things taking place in school, including an update on our Attendance Challenge.


    I hope you all have a great weekend.


    Mr Laker
    Head of School

  • Head of School Update - Friday 17th September 2021

    Fri 17 Sep 2021

    Welcome to this week's Head of School Update!


    It's been a fantastic week at school - children thinking about their learning and giving their best! In Year 4, pupils have been exploring place-value in Maths, using different resources to help them. In Year 6, pupils have been using hot-seating techniques to understand more about the characters in their reading book. Our pupils in Reception are settling well to their new routines at school. 


    Yesterday, we welcomed our IEB members to visit Oakwood. This was the first on-site visit they had made together, since the start of the pandemic, and was a great opportunity to show them the progress that we have made in the past twelve months. They were particularly impressed with the quality of working walls in classrooms and how well behaved pupils were, including their positive attitude to learning. We gave ourselves a round-of- applause for a really positive visit. I know that some of you took the time to speak to the IEB members, yesterday, so 'Thank you' for doing so and for the many positive comments too. These were really well received and shared with staff!


    In today's Celebration Assembly, we reflected on the incredible achievements of Emma Radacanu, who won the US Open Final last week, and the determination she showed to win ten matches and play better each time. She has certainly inspired some of our children who have been practising their tennis skills at lunch time. 


    We celebrated our own achievements in assembly too. We shared our Mathematicians and Writers of the Week and began this term's Attendance Challenge, as well as announcing our 'Stars of the Week'. This week's Stars are:


    Y1 Nightingale Class - Ava-Rose W. - Determination - For her super reading and writing in phonics. 


    Y2 Brunel Class - Harry G. - Determination - For showing great resilience in his attitude to his learning. 


    Y2 Seacole Class - Riley S. - Determination - For showing an excellent attitude towards his learning and for being a fantastic role model. 


    Y3 Ashe Class - Thorin D. - Determination - For persevering with his learning and working hard. 


    Y3 Turing Class - Archie L. - Determination - For being determined to be the best he can be. 


    Y4 Logie-Baird Class - Lily-May B. - Equality - For always treating others with respect and using perfect manners across the school. 


    Y4 Thunberg Class - Elsie-Rose S. - Determination - For being determined to achieve in all subjects. 


    Y5 Hamilton Class - Layken H. - Equality - For always being positive and polite. 


    Y5 Pankhurst Class - Hunter D. - Determination - For his brilliant effort and hard work across the week. 


    Y6 Amundsen Class - Connor Mc. - Determination - For excellent answers when being asked questions in class. 


    Y6 Parks Class - William W. - Determination - For being determined to make progress in Maths and English. 


    Well done to all of our certificate winners this week!


    Our pupils have been choosing their books, increasing their reading fluency and mileage and taking their Accelerated Reader quizzes. We already have three children who have read more than 100,000 words. A great start to the new school year! Who will be our first Word Millionaire...? 


    On Monday 27th September you are invited to 'Meet and Greet' your child's class teacher. This is an opportunity to see your child's classroom and to ask them any questions about how your child has settled in to the new school term. 


    I've seen some super home-learning projects being brought in to school and I'm looking forward to seeing more of these come in!


    I hope you all have a great weekend and I will look forward o welcoming the pupils back to school on Monday!


    Best wishes,


    Mr Laker
    Head of School

  • Head of School Update - Friday 10th September 2021

    Fri 10 Sep 2021

    Welcome to the first Head of School Update of the new school year!


    It has been truly brilliant to have welcomed the children back to Oakwood this week. Despite some early nerves, the children settled into their new classes and routines incredibly well. I have been so proud of all of the children - polite, courteous, hard-working. There has been a really positive 'buzz' around the school this week and it has been a pleasure to have been able to get into all of the classrooms, throughout the week, and share the children's learning with them.


    We've had some new children and staff this week! Well done to our new Reception pupils in Stephenson Class who have started their first few days at school this week. They have enjoyed getting to meet new friends and their teachers, and to explore their learning environment.


    I'm sure you will join me in welcoming our new staff to the team - Mr Gillham, Miss Saunders, Mrs Taylor and Miss O'Neill-Madeley to Oakwood. We also have some new faces in the school offices. I'm sure you will see Miss Hollington in the School Office and Mrs Funnell, who is the school's new Attendance Officer and Inclusion Administrator. 


    Thank you for your support with our start of day drop-off and end of day pick-up routines. These are certainly different from last year and we appreciate your co-operation in helping these to work. Staff have really enjoyed being able to talk to parents when they collect their child, and this certainly makes a difference. 


    Today, we held a very special assembly. This was the first assembly held in school since the first day I arrived - 543 days ago! It was lovely to share and celebrate our successes and give out our first sets of certificates, with all of the children and staff together, and to talk about our school values. I hope your child will have enjoyed the assembly today.


    We awarded certificates to our first set of 'Stars of the Week'. This week's winners are:


    Caleb A. - Year 1 Nightingale Class, for a fantastic first week.


    Blake G. - Year 2 Brunel Class, for determination and perseverance.


    Kallais S. - Year 2 Seacole Class, for making a fantastic start to Year 2.


    Kate W. - Year 3 Ashe Class, for making a fantastic start to Year 3.


    Rubi R. - Year 3 Turing Class, for showing determination and trying her best in class this week.


    Harryson T. - Year 4 Logie-Baird Class, for showing great determination and a super start to Year 4.


    Joey F. - Year 4 Thunberg Class, for contributing to class discussions.


    Freddy-Joe K. - Year 5 Hamilton Class, for a determination to work hard and be positive.


    Millie M. - Year 5 Pankhurst Class, for always being kind and demonstrating equality.


    Brooke-Nicole A. - Year 6 Amundsen Class, for a fantastic start to Year 6.


    Lexi H. - Year 6 Parks Class, for a fantastic start to Year 6.


    Well done to all of this week's winners!


    Please check out this week's school Bulletin for further information about school and we will post some photographs on our Facebook page. 


    I am incredibly proud of the whole school - a brilliant start to a new school year! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.


    With my best wishes,


    Mr Laker
    Head of School


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