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Oakwood Primary Academy

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Vision and Values

Oakwood Primary Academy – Vision and Values


Our Vision


Oakwood is an academy where every child matters. We believe in fostering supportive and positive relationships within school and the wider community and preparing children for the challenges of the future.


Our vision of ‘Being Better Every Day’ is achieved by having the highest aspirations for all and expecting the very best behaviour from our children.


For 2023/24, our school improvement priorities will be underpinned by the following six principles of our school. These are:


  1. Learning to read. Learning to write. Learning to communicate...
  2. Instilling a ‘love of learning’ for all our pupils...
  3. Having the highest of aspirations for learning and expecting the very best every day...
  4. Embracing individual difference; celebrating diversity...
  5. Feeling proud of our achievements and reaching our goals...
  6. Aiming high with confidence, courage and perseverance...


Our School Rules


We have two school rules. These apply to the whole school community – our pupils and their families, our staff and visitors to the school.

1) Always try your best.

2) Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.


Our Values


At Oakwood Primary Academy, we have four core values. These values underpin everything that we do, and belong to every single pupil, member of staff and the wider community. These help to create our vision for the school. We explore these values through learning activities each day and through the interactions that we have with each other.





What does this value mean to me?

Our purpose is to deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum, which is broad and balanced and helps pupils to learn the knowledge and key-skills that will propel them through life. We want children to embrace their responsibilities to their community and the wider world, while recognising the important role they play as custodians in its future.

To be effective communicators, we place high importance on pupils acquiring the skills they need in English and Maths.




What does this value mean to me?

We wish for our school community to accept and embrace the unique qualities and individual difference that make each of us who we are and to celebrate the diversity within our school.  

We aim to instil a sense of respect and tolerance for others’ beliefs, backgrounds and views, whilst always being true to ourselves.




What does this value mean to me?

We want our children to leave Oakwood with a love of learning and the personal characteristics that will secure them a successful future in whichever direction they choose.  

We want all of our children to feel confident, to always aim high and to have the courage, perseverance and skills to aim for what they want in life and to overcome the barriers they may face on the way.




What does this value mean to me?

We want all of our children to leave Oakwood being the best they can possibly be, to be ready to take their next steps in their education and to feel proud for reaching their goals and achievements; both in school and in the wider community.

We will teach our children to be resilient individuals who recognise the strength within themselves which will enable them to always achieve.


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