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Head of School Update - Friday 11th March 2022

Welcome to this week’s ‘Weekly Update’.


As always, our pupils never fail to impress. I have, as I always do, loved sharing and celebrating learning with pupils this week. Pupils in Year 1 have been inspired by the art work of William Morris, and are really enjoying their learning and I have been impressed with the confidence of our Year 4 pupils who have been adding and subtracting fractions, some with different denominators. There has been some fantastic presentation across the school this wee, with a huge amount of focus, concentration and determination to improve. Some of our pupils in Year 6 have been developing a real talent for photography, as part of a small project. We hope to share some of their images very shortly.


In this week’s Celebration Assembly we awarded our certificates to our Writing and Maths ‘Stars’ and our ‘Stars of the Week’

This week’s ‘Stars of the Week’ are:


YR Stephenson

Ayaan A. for super reading in phonics. (Achievement)


Y1 Nightingale

Louis T. for excellent effort and enthusiasm with his learning. (Achievement)


Y2 Brunel

Sebastian W. for determination in both Maths and English. (Determination)


Y2 Seacole

Alycia T. for working on her perseverance and giving everything a go, even if she finds it tricky at first. (Determination)


Y3 Ashe

Kate W. for being kind and helpful to her friends. (Equality)


Y3 Turing

Annie-Rose E. for always working hard, being enthusiastic, participating in every lesson and being a friendly and helpful member of the class. (Achievement) 


Y4 Logie-Baird

Matthew M. for showing great perseverance with all his learning. (Determination) 


Y4 Thunberg

Joey F. for always being kind, helpful and polite. He works hard, contributes in lessons and is a role model to all. (Achievement)


Y5 Hamilton

Kostas S. for always working hard and challenging himself to include features of writing. (Achievement)


Y5 Pankhurst

Tyler E. for his excellent determination in all areas of the curriculum this week, well done! (Determination)


Y6 Amundsen

Jayden P. for excellent determination in all learning. Jayden is a mature, hardworking, committed learner. (Determination)


Y6 Parks
Demi H. for showing determination to be the best that she can be. (Determination) 


‘Thank you’ to all of those pupils who entered our ‘Short Story Competition’, as part of our ‘World Book Day’ celebrations. We had alternative settings, diary entries, moody-mysteries, typed and hand-written stories, all within a 500 word limit. All of the children who took part were given a small chocolate prize! This year’s prize winners were Bethany V. and Aiden R-S. The overall competition winner was Kodi L. in Year 4. ‘Well done’ to all of the children who took part.


Please see this week’s Bulletin for information about Parents’ Evening, dates for Term 4 Curriculum Events and our plans for Comic Relief, on Friday 18th March. You will have received a couple of letters today. These are also available on our website.


Have a great weekend! I’ll look forward to seeing all of the pupils on Monday!


Ryan Laker
Head of School

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