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Head of School Update - Friday 14th January 2022

Welcome to this week’s ‘Weekly Update’.


It’s been a very busy week at school, with lots of some fantastic learning opportunities.


In Reception, we’ve been incredibly engaged with our learning. The children have been making their own photograph frames and creating their own portrait pictures. In Maths, the children have been learning about teen numbers and they’ve also had time to visit the ‘Friendship Space Café’, which looks like a brilliant place to go.


Pupils in Year 1 have been on an expedition. The children discussed the things they would need to take and made sure Mrs Taylor made a list and packed the items. The children set off with their magnifying glasses, looking for unusual things and came across a space station with meteorites. In History, they’ve been learning about the journeys of Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.    


Children in Years 3 and 4 have been taking part in Cricket coaching sessions on Fridays. The children have really enjoyed the expert sessions, and are looking forward to applying their skills in the Summer. Children in Year 4 have also been having their own inter-class invasions. The Anglo Saxons and Romans went to war with their British invasions, with an activity to show how land was captured and empires won and lost. Great fun and lots of learning too.


In Year 5, children have been enjoying their Design and Technology lessons. They have been investigating different mechanisms to see which would be the most effective at lifting objects. The children looked at pulleys, levers and pneumatic systems.


In Year 6, children have been consolidating their History chronology and have been learning their 20th Century timeline, looking at key events that shaped these 100 years.


We’ve seen lots of homework projects and tasks being brought in to school, which has been great to see.


One of my highlights of the week is our Celebration Assembly. Well done to all of this week’s certificate winners.


This week’s ‘Stars of the Week’ are:


YR Stephenson – Jamie N. for Equality – For helping others with tricky skills, such as zips on coats.  


Y1 Nightingale – Autumn-Rose L. for Achievement – For      completing some amazing homework – 5 pieces!


Y2 Brunel – Sienna S. for Achievement – For fabulous comments in History.


Y2 Seacole – Rogue J-G. for Determination – For her determination to succeed in all of her lessons.


Y3 Ashe – Arthur. for Achievement – For demonstrating excellent understanding, particularly in his History lessons.


Y3 Turing – Archie L. for Determination – For being determined to try harder every day.


Y4 Thunberg – Elle B. for Achievement – For always working hard and helping others, beautiful presentation and contributing to class discussions.


Y4 Logie-Baird – AJ K. for Achievement – For showing great improvement in the content of his work and contribution in lessons.


Y5 Hamilton – Mia B. for Achievement – For always working hard and having a fantastic attitude to learning.  


Y5 Pankhurst – Sophie L. for Equality – For being an excellent friend.


Y6 Amundsen – Darren W. for Equality – For showing great awareness of Equality at all times and for demonstrating great respect.  


Y6 Parks – Ronnie W. for Achievement – For contributing great ideas in lessons.


Well done to Alfie S. in Year 3, who won this week’s Attendance  Raffle ‘spot-prize’. The leader-board for the Attendance Challenge has been reset for this term and an update can be found, weekly, on the school Bulletin.


Have a good weekend.


Ryan Laker
Head of School

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