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Head of School Update - Friday 15th January 2021

Welcome to this week's 'Weekly Update'!


I hope that all of our pupils and their families are well. It's sad not to be able to welcome all of our pupils into school at this time...it's just not quite the same without everyone here!


I hope you have been able to engage with the remote learning tasks for this week at home. I know that the staff have really enjoyed talking with pupils and parents and finding out about their learning. All the staff are working hard to ensure that the activities are enjoyable, engaging and can be accessed by all. 


In Reception, our pupils in school and at home have been making and describing their own little mice, as part of their writing for this week - we hope you like the models in the pictures below! The children have also been practising their numbers and counting skills.


Pupils in Year 1 have been practising finding a quarter and writing about their Gruffalo adventures. Children have been out in the woods, as part of their daily exercise, to get some inspiration.


Pupils in Year 3 have been experimenting with spinners and windmills. The children used different surfaces to see if this would make a difference to how well the spinners spun. The children tested air-resistance, making paper windmills and taking them outside. Unfortunately, the children seemed to choose the one day this week where there wasn't much wind but had a go at making some themselves!


In Year 5, pupils have been investigating the effects of temperature on three different types of milk and testing the pH level after a different number of days. The children enjoyed observing the changes across the week. Whilst in Year 6, pupils have been classifying animals and practising their sketching technique. 


Throughout next week, teachers will be available via email, each day, so that you can send work and photos to them directly or be on-hand to answer any questions or talk through any queries. We hope this will be useful for you. All of the details will be shared by class teachers at the start of next week. 


Next week, we will continue with our 'Star of the Week' awards. Teachers will be looking at all of the learning, from home and in school, to choose a Star of the Week. I know the children enjoy our Friday Assemblies so this will be a great way of connecting all of the pupils together.


Our brand new gates and fences are nearly finished; these look really smart and the on-site time have been working in some pretty abysmal weather to get this done. I'll look forward to sharing some photographs of these, once they're completed.


Please stay safe! We hope to see you all very soon!


Have a good weekend!


Mr Laker
Head of School

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