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Head of School Update - Friday 22nd April 2022

Welcome to Term 5! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter break and enjoyed some of the warmer weather. It was lovely to welcome all of the children back to school this week. Children were excited to come back to school and start their new learning journeys. We were also able to get out on to the field at lunchtime, too, which the children have loved - let's hope the dry weather continues for this.


I've been impressed with how well children have returned to school this week. I've seen some fantastic arithmetic and 'speedy Maths' from some of our Year 6 pupils, and they've been making some challenging nets in DT, too. In Year 5, the pupils have been putting their key historical events in to the correct chronological order, a key skill for any historian, and had great fun doing so. In Year 4, pupils have been practising their exchanging when adding four-digit numbers, using lots of resources to support them. We've certainly crammed a lot of learning into this three-day week.


Mr Hare started at Oakwood this week. Mr Hare will be teaching in Year 3 Turing Class for the remainder of the school year, whilst Miss Sheaf is on maternity leave. Mr Hare has really enjoyed getting to know the children this week and they have all helped to make him feel welcome. Miss Grimble will also be teaching some of our afternoon lessons in Key Stage 2. Welcome to them both!


Well done to all of this week's 'Stars of the Week'. The full list of this week's winners can be found on the Bulletin. 


Finally, earlier today, you were sent a copy of our Ofsted report, following our inspection in February. I hope you will take some to read this. We were very pleased that the Ofsted inspectors recognised the great progress that we have made and we are looking forward to our full inspection, when Ofsted come and see us again soon. I'd like to thank you for your continued support of the school and all the staff. 


Have a great weekend!


Mr Laker
Head of School

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