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Head of School Update - Friday 30th April 2021

Welcome to this week's Weekly Update!


This morning, our School Ambassadors were invited to visit the Community Garden at the Willingdon Trees Community Centre. The children helped with the planting of some of the 200 sapling trees as part of a Woodland Trust project for local communities. The children have planted a tree each and given them a name. The trees can be seen at the Community Centre. 


Well done to all of those pupils who were awarded certificates this week. Here is a list of this week's 'Stars of the Week' and their school value:


YRS - Lexi S. - For perseverance in phonics. (Determination)

Y1C - Adam M. - For great enthusiasm to learning. (Determination)

Y1H - Nathan B. - For determination and all-round achievement. (Achievement and Determination)

Y2B - Laila G. - For good focus all week. (Determination)

Y2F - Lira W. - For trying her best all week. (Determination)

Y3A - Miley W. - For trying her best across all her learning. (Determination)

Y3R - Kaila B. - For exceptional behaviour, a determination to succeed, being helpful and excellent presentation. (Achievement and Determination)

Y4L - Chloe H. - For perseverance with her writing, despite a broken arm. (Determination)

Y4T - Scarlett J. - For her excellent learning in Destination Reader. (Determination)

Y5K - Benny R. - For being a model student and working independently to overcome challenges. (Determination)

Y5P - Marlee S. - For excellent effort across all subjects.

Y6A - James O. - For showing a mature approach in Science. Great achievement! (Achievement)

Y6P - Frankie P. - For demonstrating improving independence. (Achievement)


We finished this week's assembly by reflecting on our achievements and what we feel proud of. Ask your child what they are proud of this week...


We have a long weekend approaching, due to the Bank Holiday. We will be closed on Monday, but I am looking forward to welcoming all of the pupils back to school on Tuesday 4th May. 


Stay safe. Have fun. Enjoy the weekend!


Mr Laker

Head of School

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