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Head of School Update - Friday 8th October 2021

Welcome to this week's Weekly Update!


We’ve had a fantastic week at Oakwood! Well done to all of the children for their focus, determination and achievements this week.


This week, our pupils in Year 5 have really been enjoying their ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ learning journey. They have practised their hieroglyphic printing and learned about the ritual of mummification. Some ‘lucky’ pupils were happy to be willing volunteers, as our photographs show.


Year 3 and 5 pupils have been working together this week. They've been sharing their published writing with each other and learning to present and share to new audiences. 


Pupils across Key Stage 2 have been ‘actively’ engaging in their Maths, by taking part in the Maths World Cup. The challenge ends today and its purpose has been to engage children in daily times tables games with their classmates and pupils from other schools, whilst keeping fit and exercising to their times table recitals. The pupils have really enjoyed the challenge. This is what they had to say:


Today, our Year 6 pupils gave their presentations as part of our Student Leader elections. The pupils had to explain why they felt they should be elected as a student leader, demonstrating their skills and qualities. Well done to all of the pupils who presented today and put themselves forward; they presented with courage and confidence, giving fantastic presentations as to why they would make a great school Student Leader. I will update you further next week.


In this week’s Bulletin, we have shared our poster for our forthcoming Open Morning and Open Evening in November. If you know anyone who has a child starting school in September 2022, we’d be grateful if you could let them know about the dates of our visits to school.


Unbelievably, the end of Term 1 is quickly approaching. In the last week of term, week beginning Monday 16th October, our Curriculum Events will be taking place in school. This is a chance for parents and carers to visit school and join in with your child’s learning journey. We hope you will be able to join us. Dates for each of the Curriculum Events have been shared on our website. We will send further updates next week. We hope you will be able to join us in the last week of term!


In our Celebration Assembly we announced our latest certificate winners. This week's 'Stars of the Week' are:


YR Stephenson Class – Holly B. for Achievement – For brilliant phonics work this week.


Y1 Nightingale Class – Mila C-B. for Knowledge – For creating a wonderful hospital scene as part of her Florence Nightingale homework project.


Y2 Brunel Class – Emily B. for Achievement – For communicating great ideas in her writing.


Y2 Seacole Class – Wynter C. for Determination – For being so determined and unafraid to make mistakes with her learning.


Y3 Ashe Class – Max P. for Determination – For working independently on his learning.


Y3 Turing Class – Joshua R. for Determination – For always being determined to do his best with everything he does.


Y4 Logie-Baird Class – Holly M. for Equality – For being an amazing talk partner in all of her learning.


Y4 Thunberg Class – Edward P. for Determination – For gaining 20,000 words through his Accelerated Reader book.


Y5 Hamilton Class – Heidi P. for Knowledge – For fantastic knowledge about mummification.


Y5 Pankhurst Class – Jacob W. for Determination – For outstanding effort in improving his reading at home. 


Y6 Amundsen Class – Annaliese T. for Equality – For demonstrating equality in the way that she treats others.


Y6 Parks Class – Kamdi O. for Determination – For being exceptionally determined to achieve.


'Congratulations' to all of this week's winners!


In our Accelerated Reader challenge, Bailey H. in Year 5 has so far read the greatest number of words. So far this year, he has added 282,000 words to his individual profile. We have achieved a total of 3,400,000 words as a school!


Our updated Bulletin has further details about all of the things taking place in school, including an update on our Attendance Challenge.


I hope you all have a great weekend.


Mr Laker
Head of School

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