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Headteacher Update - Friday 28th April 2023

Welcome to this week's Weekly Update!


Our Hive groups have been out in the gardens and allotments, preparing the ground and sowing some seeds. They always show great care and a passion for the gardens and the natural world. Pupils have also been over to visit the pond - it is full of newts at this time of year - and to observe the amazing slow-worms that we live nearby. 


In Year 4, pupils took their History lessons outside. They learnt about the different levels of Tudor society and had the chance to be a member of the Tudor gentry, become yeoman, labourers and even vagrants. Her Majesty Queen Mrs Matthews provided her citizens with her orders to be carried out! 


I have been really proud of our Year 6 pupils, who have shown great effort and determination. It's been lovely to see so many at our after school groups this term, and I know the teachers have enjoyed working with them. 


For the the Summer terms, our Attendance Challenge will see all of our classes in the same challenge, together. The children are really excited about this. In today's Celebration Assembly, we found out which class headed to the top of the leader board last week. Congratulations to Year 2 Brunel Class who with 98.4% attendance pick up 15 points!


Well done to all of our certificate winners. These week's 'Stars of the Week' are:




School Value



Nursery Class





For coming to Nursery with a positive attitude, he always has a big smile on his face.

Year R Stephenson





For Super writing in RWI this week.



Year 1 Nightingale





For a fantastic drawing response to the ‘Cat and the Bird’ work by Paul Klee.

Year 2 Brunel





For amazing sportsmanship and athletic ability


Year 3 Ashe





For her effort in all lessons and doing her best in all aspects of school life. 

Year 3 Turing





For always offering to help others with their learning

Year 4 Logie-Baird





For always helpful and kind to all her peers and teachers.

Year 4 Thunberg




Determination & Equality

For being a consistently positive member of the class and showing brilliant enthusiasm in all aspects of his learning.

Year 5 Hamilton




Determination & Equality

For always working hard, being polite and being a fantastic member of our class.

Year 5 Pankhurst





For her politeness, dedication and hard work in all of her learning.

Year 6 Amundsen





For a wonderful start to his life at Oakwood. Jezreel always tries his very best and applies himself to every lesson brilliantly.

Year 6 Parks





For reading and taking tests above and beyond all expectations, trying her best in class and being a model student to all.


Thank you for your support during the recent industrial action. I recognise that the changes to school organisation has a significant impact on so many of our families. For this, I apologise for the inconvenience caused. A reminder that the next scheduled date is Tuesday 2nd May. 


The school will be open to pupils in Year 2 and 6 on this day. Our Nursery will also be open. The school day for pupils in Year 6 will finish at 1.00pm. As Monday 1st May is a Bank Holiday, most pupils will return to school, as usual, on Wednesday 3rd May.


On behalf of all the staff, I'd like to wish you all a great weekend! 


Best wishes,


Ryan Laker


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