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Headteacher's Update - Friday 30th September 2022

Welcome to this week's Weekly Update!


In today's Celebration Assembly, pupils in Year 6 Parks Class shared their learning with the whole of the school. In Art, they have been learning about Andy Warhole and some of his famous messages, and exploring some of their own ideas for screen printing, using inspiration from his work. We also heard some incredible suspense stories with some high-level vocabulary. Thank you to Year 6 Parks Class.


Year 5 Hamilton Class will be presenting some of their learning in next week's Friday assembly.


In Year 5, pupils have been learning about irreversible changes in Science. The children observed some fantastic reactions when mixing cola, mint sweets, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Look at our brilliant photos. In Year 4, the pupils went on an archaeological dig, using evidence to explain about the past. They discovered some Ancient Egyptian artefacts and used these to discuss their learning about civilization and leadership.


Well done to all of our certificate winners this week. Our full list of Stars of the Week can be found on the Bulletin - a copy is also available on our website. We also have our latest attendance updates too!


Please enjoy the photos from this week, including in The Hive.


Have a great weekend!


Ryan Laker


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